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The Economics of Balance
- Capitalism and Communalism in the Enfranchised Society -

"This book represents a new course for economics, one attuned to the needs of the 21st century. It not only provides a good history of humanity’s socio-economic development but also introduces many new concepts, including that of a "factor balance" between capital and labor, along with other reforms to achieve more economic democracy, environmental sanity, and proposals for preserving a better estate for all future generations on our fragile planet.... This book can help achieve this goal."

John McConnell
Earth Day Founder

"A major new work and new paradigm. A fresh look at the pillars of our `free market' theory and history. Great chapters on Enclosure, Trade, Growthism, Banking and much more. I highly recommended this book for all students of economics."

Geoff Lachner, Esq
Wharton Graduate

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The Case For A
One Term Presidency

- Ending the Evils of Re-election -

"A book whose time has come, it makes a good case for a
one term presidency, all in order to eliminate re-election -
the nexus point of corruption."
Kirsten Krogh
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Abortion Is Not A Sin
- A New-Age Look At An Age-Old Problem -

"The best book on the subject that I have read...
a must for women and families going thru the
abortion experience."
Ginny Dean,
Clinic Counselor

"Thought provoking and well worth reading."
First Amendment Studies
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Free Dress


Free Dress For Success
- A Businessman's Guide to Satorial Disarmament -
By Max Comfort

"'FreeDress For Success’ I said when I received the manuscript. C'mon. You've gotta be kidding. Then I started reading. I laughed. And laughed. And then cried and cried. This is a wonderful book, about life, business management - and the nonsense of the 'dress for success' movement. Honest Max, I'll never wear a suit again."
Tom Peters,
Management Guru

The Dream of Just One Eye


The Dream of Just One Eye
- Songs and Poems by Kent Welton -

"A prolific songwriter, poetic and profound"

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